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Our solutions are designed specifically with your business needs in mind. Whether there is a need to accept payments on a mobile device, online or in-person, we offer the financial products and services necessary in order for any business to run efficiently and process transactions securely.

Benefits of e-Invoicing for B2B

Five years ago, the government of Italy started requiring businesses with government contracts to invoice electronically. Now virtually all B2B e-invoices in that nation must be electronic, and other EU countries are taking similar steps. Several government agencies in the United States have their own e-invoicing initiatives underway. There are many compelling reasons for this […]

5 Ways to Email More Efficiently

Businesses play a losing game of catch-up when it comes to email correspondence. That’s a major cause of frustration and lost productivity. The average professional devotes about 25 percent of each work day to email. The constant chore typically takes two and a half hours. The good news is that doing it with greater efficiency […]

New Study Reveals 83% of Consumers Want to Pay Bills Online

The results of the new Consumer Payments Trend Analysis 2019 survey are in, and they confirm what many businesses suspected. Today’s consumers want to pay their bills where they live, and in 2019 consumers live online. Compelling Data Eighty-three percent of those surveyed expressed a desire to pay with digital convenience, using a mobile device […]

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