4 Tips to Cut Back on Paperwork

2752095700_1afd58f595_mWe could all use more time. Unfortunately, since we all lack the ability to add more hours to do the day, most of us struggle to find a spare moment for the neglected tasks that always need doing.

The answer to this dilemma, then, is to work better with the time that we have. How many hours a day do you waste? You might not even realize, because most wasted time results from inefficient use of time. So, yes, you’re working incredibly hard, but are you working smart?

Effective time management is key for every industry, every home, and every individual in creating a successful and productive environment. Years ago that still meant long hours and sleepless nights if you hoped to have a truly successful business, or simply a very meticulous personality. Since most of us lack that level of focus on detail, technology has stepped in to level the field and offer a variety of time-saving solutions for business owners who enjoy sleep and sanity.

Below are some general suggestions you might consider for your business if time management has become an issue.

Automate Inventory Tracking. Many modern POS systems are also incorporating inventory tracking systems. You can save a lot of time and money here, since inventory is a major part of any retail environment. No more spreadsheets and manual counting, a smart POS system will adjust inventory based on sales. This one is a no brainer.

Automate Employee Time Management. Another huge task for many business owners is managing employee schedules, performance, etc… Modern technology can make all of that easier. There are also programs built in to new POS systems available that allow for quick clock-ins and time management, as well as quick scheduling tools that provide easier visual reference. These systems also offer analytics programs to help you track employee sales and performance over short or long periods.

Automate Performance Analytics. On top of it all, often a good POS system will also offer you the ability to track sales performance. With the right reporting, managers can draw reports based on employee or overall monthly totals. This information is vital for tracking your business and ensuring that your focus is where it should be, or identifying high or low traffic times and seasons. Good time management also requires an understanding of the big picture of your business and automated tracking of performance analytics provides that insight.

Automate Customer Loyalty and Promotions. Many retail businesses are still punching cards to give loyal customers discounts or freebies. Not necessary. Let technology do it for you, there are POS systems that can not only manage your customer loyalty programs but can also offer insight in to helpful promotions and marketing opportunities.

We all want less paperwork in our lives. Good time management certainly demands it. And with modern technology, both are possible. With the right programs that work with each other, you can have less paperwork and a business that functions better than ever before—and the left over time to do that little bit “more” you can never seen to fit into the day.

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