4 Ways to Improve the Payment Experience for Your Customers

There is one common thread amongst business owners regardless of industry, product or service – they all want to get paid. At the end of the day, there is nothing more critical to conducting business than making sure payment channels are easy to navigate. Even if every other aspect of a business is in great working order, nobody is making money if customers can’t pay.

And it’s not even just that easy. The modern day consumer, accustomed to “Amazon Style” buying experience has become increasingly more selective on who they conduct business with – mostly dependent on convenience and user experience. Sleek apps with autofill options and optimized interfaces allow consumers to purchase things quickly and effortlessly by clicking just a few buttons.

This presents today’s business owners with unique challenges in customizing their payment experience to fit the unique needs of their customers.

Think Mobile

Let’s face it- in 2018, we all live by way of cell phone. Any way that a payment experience can be optimized to include a mobile strategy will engage customers on another level. A branded payment app, such as the Starbuck’s payment app, is the crème de la crème of mobile experiences. Accepting mobile wallet apps like Apple Pay or Android Pay is a great start to integrating mobile into the payment experience. Another way to engage your customer’s mobile prowess could be utilizing a customer loyalty app or other type of rewards program

Keep it Simple

Gone are the days of bulky, slow point of sale systems. Business owners have a wide variety of new technology available to them, designed with simple app interfaces that allow customers to easily interact with payment hardware. When researching options for payment technology, think like a customer. Is it easy to pay? Are the prompts intuitive? As a consumer yourself, would you find the technology easy to use?

Receipt Choices

There is nothing worse than leaving the store with half a ream of paper in receipts for just a few items. Whether you operate a store front retail business or a professional operation it’s pretty likely your customers have little interest in carting around bulky receipts. Be sure to utilize payment technology which allows for receipts to be emailed, printed, or both


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Preach Security

Rarely a week goes by without news reports full off data breach incidents and identity theft. As a result, security is more and more front of mind for all of us. A great way to enhance brand experience and bring peace of mind to customers is to not only choose a secure payment system but to also talk about it. Post signs, educate customers on security best practices and stay on top of PCI compliance/system updates.

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