7 Ways to Challenge Your Business in 2019

To be successful, every business has to grow. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to stagnate once a business has been operating for a while. If your organization is experiencing a barrier or ceiling in growth, the business tips below can help you turn your stalled potential into a growing business geared towards success.

Research other successful businesses

Take a look at other businesses, both those like yours and within other industries, for inspiration about new approaches. Wharton Executive Education at University of Pennsylvania recommends taking lessons from both winners and losers for business tips that could benefit your business and inspire growth.

Reward productivity and ingenuity

Make sure the employees who are doing good work receive recognition for their efforts. This creates an environment that encourages excellence, new ideas, and energetic initiative from your team.

Know your industry and your role in it

Turning your company into a growing business requires a good understanding of your industry and the niche your company holds within it. Once you have the big picture and understand both your competition and potential partners, you can choose how to adjust your scope and image to better attract customers.


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Take time to think

Set aside time on a regular basis to brainstorm and consider options for your growing business. Bring your team in on the effort to get new perspectives based on various roles within your organization.

Make the customer your focus

It’s easy to get lost in outdoing the competition. The best business tips always emphasize the importance of putting the customer at the center of all your efforts. Their interests are, after all, the key to your growth.

Consider partnerships

Look in both likely and unlikely places for alliances that could benefit your customer base. Many businesses have interests that correspond and coincide, even if they’re competing for a different kind of business. Expand your horizons by joining forces with another growing business in your industry or another.

Help your brand stand out

The best business tips start with a focus on brand identity. Your brand is how you’re viewed by everyone, both customers and other businesses. Challenge yourself to stand out by trying something new or demonstrating your value in unique ways.

The business tips above are just a few options and ideas for entrepreneurs who want to see their investments bear fruit. Don’t let your company lose momentum or stall out. Challenge yourself to evolve by incorporating new energy and concepts into your growing business model. There are always options for advancement, if you can handle the challenges that change, opposition, and risk will bring. The rewards may well be worth the effort.