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Accept payments in multiple forms while keeping track of important customer data, receiving quicker funding, and simplifying accounting tasks. Our solutions make it easy to handle accounting and reconciliation so that accountants can correctly monitor finances.

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“They are helping organizations and businesses save money with credit card processing for transactions.”

John Connors, Direct Marketing Consultant

Online Processing

Payment processing is central to our business, and with our online processing solution you can easily accept payments. Capture customer payment data on your website, then securely communicate with the appropriate financial institution to process and deposit payments into your merchant account. You can even set up recurring payments and installments while accepting payments from multiple locations simultaneously.

MerchantConnect Reporting

Online account information and robust reporting gives businesses the tools needed to manage payment processing more efficiently and effectively. MerchantConnect is a web-based real-time service that provides streamlined and secure reporting. You can quickly and easily access payment information while still protecting cardholder and account data. Some of the valuable reports available through MerchantConnect are: Account support, Chargeback list, Deposit report and an Interchange qualification chart.

eCheck & ACH Payments

Quickly accept checks as a form of payment with our wireless imaging terminal and cut down on credit card processing costs.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

With DCC, currency conversion is calculated at a competitive exchange rate, and the U.S. dollar amount, conversion rate, conversion fee and home currency amount are all itemized at the time of sale and printed on the credit card receipt. This reduces your number of chargebacks since cardholders will recognize the transactions when they appear on statements.