Accountant Dishes on Building a Tribe of Happy, Loyal Clients

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Businesses are constantly trying to optimize their brand differentiation and value proposition in terms of services.

Bill Caton, CEO of CCG accounting services and consulting, separates himself from the competition with something different – his relationships.

“There are CPA’s all over the place with technical abilities but what will differentiate you are the people skills,” Caton said. “What you do to care about the people. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

After working for Touche Ross & Co in Dallas, now Deloitte, for seven years he decided to start his own business and soon after took out a bank loan to join a sports club and generate business.

“I joined the Las Colinas sports club and met this guy named Byron Nelson,” Caton said. “He would help me and introduce me to people. But I was doing what I enjoyed doing, which was golf.”

Caton’s father was a CPA in East Texas and he decided to pursue that career because it was versatile, he could start his own business with it, and it revolved around relationships.

“Behind the numbers there’s a plethora of people, emotions, feelings, lives, stories,” Caton said. “So the numbers are just a representation of what else is going on. In a consulting practice the idea is to learn not just the top layer but what the whole level is from top to bottom of what you’re trying to achieve.”



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