Choosing The Right iPhone Credit Card Reader System

In today’s marketplace, having the ability to process credit cards on the go is a must – regardless of business size or industry. From large restaurants chains to small retail shops to professionals and contractors – everyone is stepping up their game with mobile credit cards readers compatible with iPhones, iPads and other smartphones and tablets. And with the market flooded by new technology, apps and gadgets giving businesses mobile payment capabilities, how is one to choose?

There is actually very important criteria to consider when choosing a mobile credit card reader and its accompanying application or software. Just like a business would give important consideration to a point of sale system or inventory management program – they need to consider a few things before choosing a mobile credit card processor.

1) Security – Who wants to end up like Target? Systems hacked, customers upset, international news blasting your business’ vulnerabilities all over the world… Security can be a big problem if not handled properly – which is why we have listed it as the number one criteria. Some mobile credit card readers, given away for free, are not manufactured with security or compliance in mind. Every time a card is swiped through an unsecure reader, the customer’s information is vulnerable to theft and the business is open to bad publicity and potential fines.

The most secure mobile reader in the industry today: Magtek’s aDynamo
(Compatible with Apple, Android & Blackberry)

2) Supports Growth– There is nothing worse than investing in and setting up a system for your business and realizing – it has limited capabilities. Suddenly you realize that if the business begins to grow, you will have to install an entirely new system to support the growth. A great mobile credit card processing app will support multiple users and backend reporting – allowing owners and managers to log-in from an office computer and see real-time processing via mobile readers. It should also offer dynamic reporting and analytics – appropriate for a growing business.

Virtual Merchant Mobile: Mobile Processing App Scalable for Any Size Business

3) Customizable Fee Structures – The market is flooded with mobile processing apps offering flat per transaction percentages (often between 2-3%) – which can be very appealing to smaller businesses with low processing volume. But as business picks up, those fees add up and business owners realize, those flat rates aren’t exactly competitive. A mobile processing app that allows for a customizable fee structure gives businesses the ability to work with the processor on obtaining lower rates for swiped debit cards than a swiped corporate card for example. These apps and processors give businesses more flexibility in negotiating rates specific to their type of business and volume.

Because of the “trendy” nature of apps and mobile accessories business owners tend to look at mobile processing as fun gadgets that can add to the novelty of their businesses. But as the payments industry moves quickly in the direction of mobile processing, it’s time for big business to take this trend as serious as they would any other major decision around business technology.

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