Everything You Should Know About Converge Billing & Invoicing

Billing and invoicing, whether manual or digital, can be labor intensive, frustrating, and prone to costly errors and delays. Unfortunately, many billing and e-invoicing tools are just an inadequate jigsaw puzzle of add-ons, updates, and equipment. That can overwhelm a business while creating more headaches than solutions. But Converge Billing and Invoicing eliminates all the problems and delivers a convenient, user-friendly, centralized platform.

Now it’s possible for businesses of any size to affordably handle every aspect of billing and invoicing with turnkey intuitive simplicity. Converge offers the most advanced features, plus robust security and customizable flexibility, to minimize risk, maximize productivity, and accelerate the payment cycle.

Faster Funding

Today’s consumers demand push-button payment processing online and through mobile devices, and they want it 24/7/365. Plus they expect the convenience and reassurance of emailed quotes and e-invoices, delivered ASAP. Meanwhile businesses need to know the up-to-the minute status of their quotes and invoices. They also need real-time confirmation of payments, with confirmation that the funds have been processed and banked.

That can be a lot to ask when choosing a payment processing vendor. But Converge offers all of that and more, at a price point that can easily pay for itself through savings of time and labor with faster revenue cycles. In fact, Converge offers Fast Track Funding, which enables business to get paid as soon as the next business day. Customers can pay online, via a secure payment app, or with a mobile device. Then they receive immediate email confirmation and can view their zeroed-out payment balance.

Convenient Capability

Those features are possible with Converge, no matter how many e-commerce sites, brick and mortar stores, or payment processing terminals a business operates. That reduces managerial work while elevating professionalism, enhancing customer service, and minimizing the bookkeeping burden. Use Converge to send quotes and invoices directly to customers, who can then accept or reject the quotes or pay through a secure online portal.

There are fewer errors or opportunities for fraud, and there is no limit on how many quotes and invoices a business can send. There is also no limit on the number of clients or customers the business sends them to, so the Converge approach is entirely scalable. It’s ideal for businesses in all industries and professions, from attorneys, healthcare providers, and building contractors to manufacturers, wholesalers, and consumer retailers.

Other Great Features

Of course security is a primary concern in this era of hacks, breaches, and identity theft. Converge provides hardened safeguards with encryption, tokenization, Level III processing, and full PCI compliance. There is even a Converge Card Data Breach Reimbursement Assistance feature available, with up to $250,000 in coverage. Plus, Converge provides 24-hour United States-based customer support, every day of the year including holidays.

The payment page and other features of Converge can also serve as marketing tools to boost a business and inspire customer confidence, engagement, and loyalty. All the quotes and invoices sent via Converge can be customized, for example, with a business logo and other branding elements, for total brand transparency. The bottom line is vitally important to any business, and the bottom line with Converge is that it is a single, powerful payment platform offering all the solutions needed to stay competitive and profitable.