Growing a First Class B2B Customer Support Team

At the end of the day, ultimately, a business is only really as good as its customer service. Generations of successful business owners will tell you that the key to a long lasting, successful business model is engrained in a strong customer service approach. As consumers, we all enjoy a buying experience where our touchpoint is knowledgeable, flexible and happy to help.

But putting together the right customer support team, complete with the structure in place to manage them well, can be more challenging than you think. With strong customer service as one of our most coveted core values, the customer service team at NTC Texas has been providing first class support to our clients, without fail, for over a decade. This is reflected in our impeccable reputation, strong referral relationships and A+ rating with the BBB. Here are some of our secrets:

Positive Attitudes

This tip is number one for a reason: because it is by far the most important aspect of effective customer service. Without an overall positive attitude, a customer service rep will have a difficult time following through with the other aspects of their job. “When a cheery voice is helping a client, even if it takes a little longer to figure out the issue, or the issue has to be escalated, the client is still satisfied,” says Linda Borek, President and CEO of NTC Texas. “

Consistent Follow-Up

When dealing with technology, there isn’t always an easy solution. It often takes time, troubleshooting and patience to resolve a particular problem. “If our customer service team can’t resolve an issue immediately and requires a third party to assist with a solution that may take a day or two, the best customer service person documents the issue and follows-up with the client, “says Borek. “ it’s the follow-up that really gets the attention from the client. He/she knows they are being taken care of and are getting continuous communication from us.” Most clients are happy to allow customer service the time and space to find a resolution, contingent on their ability to follow up. If customer service is not consistent with follow up clients feel neglected and left in the dark.


Not only does it take a village to raise a child, it also takes one to run a business. When customer service teams can create synergy, combine resources and work together for the common good of the business – the results are powerful. One powerful way customer service teams can help each other is by cultivating a solutions database, searchable by keyword. As each rep works to resolve new issues, they record the issues and solutions in a database, searchable by their colleagues. This system allows everybody to benefit from each other’s experience and research.

Ongoing Training

Even the veteran employee, with the strongest knowledge of product and company information has the ability to forget. Creating weekly quizzes and regular training sessions to update customer service on product or policy changes will keep their level of expertise on point. Some experts even suggest having senior customer support members conduct trainings for new employees to take it up a notch. It is crucial to the credibility of the company to ensure that those front line employees are knowledgeable and able to speak intelligently about your products and services.


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