How to Be a Better Business Consultant in 2018

Twenty years ago lawyers, doctors and engineers were believed to be among the highest earners in America. Kids aspired to go to medical school or law school and perhaps, at some point, open up their own practice. But today’s youth faces a very different economy. As the technology industry explodes with startups are on the rise, entrepreneurship has slowly become a tough competitor.

Smart, budding and even some more experienced entrepreneurs know that seeking resources for growth is the key to a successful business, business consultants are becoming more and more in demand. But what does it take to be an effective business consultant in 2018? Here’s what we found:

Develop Flexible Pricing Structures

As much as technology has helped the business consulting industry evolve, it has also created a challenge for consultants as a result of the definitive data it provides in terms of ROI. Technology is being used to analyze the return on consulting investments which requires consultants to be that much more effective, but to also create customized billing models and per project pricing models.

Be an Investigator

Every business has its own, unique identity. So many variables affect this identity, everything from geography, industry, executive structure etc.. Most businesses seek consulting services because they have complex problems they need solved, are looking to grow, or just add another voice to the sounding board. Either way, each business requires unique resources and information, doing adequate research to understand the context of the specific industry, and business needs itself is crucial to being an effective consultant in 2018. In the complex world we live in today, a one size fits all approach rarely works.


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Build a Solutions Database

On the contrary, as much as a one size fits all approach rarely works for developing an overall business strategy – there may be smaller, more technical, procedural issues that are recurring amongst clientele. Creating a solutions database, designed for project managers to record specific problems, and the solutions they found, with the ability to be searched via keyword and add updates can save consulting firms incredible amounts of time and money

Find a Niche

Specialization has always been a huge win for everybody from doctors to financial institutions. Everybody wants to work with an expert, the more experience somebody has understanding the intricacies of a particular subject, the more confident people feel in their solutions. Business consultants are no exception. Instead of trying to be all things to all businesses, consultants that choose a specific industry or niche tend to stick around longer and be more effective overall.

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