How to Choose the Best iPad POS/ Register System

iPad Point of SaleIt has been termed “iPad-ification.” The phenomenon taking over the small-midsize business world consisting of registers and point of sale (POS systems) operating on iPads or other types of tablet devices complete with trendy apps and friendly interfaces.

Soon, long gone will be the traditional “cash register” as many retailers begin to embrace this change. As the market is flooded with different systems, how are owners and managers to choose the best option to fit their business model? Many popular tablet POS systems are pretty slick to look at, but when the rubber hits the road, are missing basic functions like the ability to capture cash transactions or track inventory leaving businesses in the dark when it’s time to reconcile.

Here are some features to look for when choosing an iPad/tablet based POS system:

1) Capturing Cash – There is no question that using credit and debit cards makes life easier for everyone; one swipe and the transaction is complete. But the reality is – cash isn’t going anywhere. So why have so many existing iPad POS systems been designed without the ability to track or capture cash transactions? Most people would think this is a no brainer; a technologically advanced system that can read credit cards and calculate tips, tax, etc… should have the basic ability to complete a transaction as cash as well? Nope. Not to mention the most important aspect of tracking cash – THEFT! Make sure whatever POS options you are looking at have the ability to record cash transactions.

2) Insights – Many iPad POS systems are designed to do one thing and one thing only; accept payments. That’s pretty lame. In today’s world apps can do everything from manage your diet to find you the best parking spot so there is no excuse for developing a POS app without added features that can give you helpful insight in to your business. Your system should not only be able to take payments but also tell you what part of the day (down to the minute) is the busiest, the items in your inventory that haven’t been selling (or have been flying off the shelves), what days and times are best to run sales and promotions, and what items dramatically increase your ticket size. These kinds of insights can and will help you develop marketing strategies and ultimately, grow your business.

3) Inventory – Who on earth wants to manually keep track of their entire inventory, counting and recounting and recounting every week or month? Well, if you are smart about the system you choose, you won’t have to. Choose a POS that tracks your inventory at the time of sale and save yourself time, plus keep a good handle on theft or loss.

There are a few systems out there (I won’t name any names) that spend a lot of money on marketing their product, but not so much on developing their products to add features that will actually help businesses. If you are looking for an iPad system with all of the above features and more check out talech or contact us for more information.