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Payment Processing Solutions for Professional Service Businesses

NTC Texas offers payment processing solutions built specifically to help professional service businesses, like consultants, accountants and financial planners, handle transactions.

Maintain Compliance

Your industry may have many unique financial requirements and compliance standards. With NTC Texas, you can rest assured that your transactions are handled correctly to keep your business safe.

Attract New Clients

Your clients are your livelihood. Having the ability to process credit cards draws clients to your business and will help retention rates with existing clientele. Accepting credit cards allows clients to pay quickly and easily and retain your services immediately.

Improve Cash Flow

A credit card processing account through NTC Texas improves cash flow to your business. Our solutions allow you to integrate online payment services with your traditional credit card processing system. Accept payments in person, at the point of service, over the phone or as an added option on invoices.

Save Time

Streamline transactions and decrease the time spent monitoring staff, managing escrow and operating client account payments. Having the option for a credit card payment up front avoids the hassle of collecting payments after the fact altogether.

Time to Switch Payment Providers? Find a Perfect Fit.

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