Payment Processing for the Hospitality Industry

Your hotel or travel business needs a quick, efficient and secure way of processing credit card payments. With NTC Texas, you can accept payments via mobile credit card readers on smart devices, tablet point-of-sale systems, or accept payments through your website with online payment services and more.

Appeal to More Customers

NTC Texas offers payment products that help you appeal to more customers because of our wide variety of processing options. Increase sales by offering customers the ability to pay using their preferred payment method.

  • Accept credit cards, signature and PIN debit, checks, and gift cards
  • Transact and fund in multiple currencies using Dynamic Currency Conversion (YEN, Canadian Dollar, British PS, Euro, AUS Dollar)
  • Process through multiple channels: online, point-of-sale, mobile, mail order, telephone order
  • Accept and transact payments using secure payment methods within your online checkout portal

Automate Payment Reconciliation and Manage Chargebacks

Automate your payment reconciliation and manage chargebacks efficiently for less back-office and manual work. Get a consolidated online portal for viewing transactions, funding, statements and chargebacks with MerchantConnect.

  • Eliminate the need to match up batches and deposits
  • Quickly and easily access payment information while still protecting cardholder and account data
  • View the chargeback list and be proactive about protecting your business
  • Simplify PCI compliance and strengthen payment security

Time to Switch Payment Providers? Find a Perfect Fit.

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