Payment Processing Solutions for Wholesalers

NTC Texas helps wholesalers by offering tailored payment solutions built for their business needs.

Large-Scale Transactions

High volume wholesale merchant accounts must have the ability to accommodate the need for quick, large increases in processing volumes. NTC Texas provides a wide variety of state of the art hardware, software and internet applications to satisfy all of your payment processing requirements.

Transaction Efficiency

With NTC Texas, you get quick and efficient real-time processing of both traditional payment methods and transactions made using P-cards, plus accurate and timely reporting from a dependable service-oriented provider with an eye on the latest technology.

Customer Support

A large-scale business means additional requests for merchant account customer service and resources. NTC Texas offers a network of professionally trained, dedicated payment processing specialists assigned to your account to make sure your business runs smoothly. We offer 24 hour a day support for your business to handle any requests you may have.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Processing large-scale transactions every day calls for greater attention to security concerns. Customer personal data must remain secure from hackers, so we implement a variety of technologies that keeps your data safe. Level 3 Processing provides the most secure and cost-efficient way of making large business transactions.

Time to Switch Payment Providers? Find a Perfect Fit.

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