Is Credit Card Surcharging Legal?

Interested in reducing credit card processing fees by way of surcharging? Not sure if it’s legal or how to start? Download our FAQs for answers to your questions and links to card association guidelines.

You will find answers to common questions:

  • What is credit card surcharging?
  • Is surcharging legal in the U.S.? Is surcharging legal in your state?
  • What guidelines should you follow while surcharging?

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Keep 100% of Every Credit Card Sale


If your business has avoided accepting credit cards due to cost, now is the time to offer customers new ways to pay at no cost to the business.




A Growing Trend

Surcharging offers advantages to both merchants and customers, as an effective tool for lowering business overhead while also helping keep consumer price inflation in check.


Easy and Transparent

Instead of baking the cost of merchant fees into the price everyone pays, surcharging only passes credit card fees along to consumers who choose to pay by credit card.


Creates Fair Pricing

Many consumer advocates also support surcharging because it levels the playing field and ensures fair pricing. Merchants typically set higher prices for goods and services to recoup revenue they lose through card fees.

Accept credit cards at 0% cost. Achieve 100% compliance.

Imagine the possibilities when you increase your business net profit by 3- 4%. Would you take a vacation, add an employee or even upgrade technology?

Our solutions can help.  Most businesses, already accepting credit cards, are overwhelmed with rates and fees. With our Zero Cost Credit Card Processing solutions, we can help you.  We’ll help relieve the fee burden and open up a whole new world of opportunities for your business.  Even if you have avoided accepting credit cards due to cost, now is the time to offer your customers a new way to pay.

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