How Government is Saving Cardholders Money With Flex Rate Pricing

Learn how government organizations today have a unique opportunity to appeal to the convenience of their constituents and help them save money on payment processing fees.

  • Learn the basics about Flex Rate Pricing
  • Learn which merchant category codes qualify to use flex rate
  • Learn how other organizations are already using flex rate pricing in an attempt to help consumers save.

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Fair and Friendly Governments Use Flex Rate

Flex Rate gives residents real-time information about savings, enabling them to reduce the service fee by choosing a lower-cost form of payment.



The flat-rate fee model can be good for the institution—but it is not always good for its consumers. Flex Rate meets both of these important interests.


Cost Savings

The patent-pending technology calculates the cost of the card the consumer chooses in real time.



Security solutions defend sensitive card payment information with EMV, encryption and tokenization.

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