Old – NTC Texas & CoverAlls: A Partnership That Changed a Business

How Partnering With NTC Texas Changed the CoverAlls Business

Located in Dallas, Texas, CoverAlls manufactures waterproof, lightweight kayak covers and marine-grade boat covers.The team at CoverAlls were looking for a payment processor that made sense for their business in order to accept mobile payments while exhibiting at tradeshows. They wanted a no hassle, no contract relationship where they felt they could trust their processing partner.

Thirteen years later, NTC Texas still supports CoverAlls and all of their payment processing needs.

Included in this Case Study:

  • CoverAlls company background
  • Specifically what they were looking for in a processor
  • How their partnership with NTC Texas helped their business be successful

Even if another company can save me $15 a month, I’m not going to make a change because I trust NTC Texas and value my relationship with them. The company has been so responsive — it’s just another aspect of my business that I don’t have to worry about.

– David Rutledge, Owner, CoverAlls

In memory of David Rutledge a donation has been made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.