Old – Webinar: Understanding Zero-Cost Credit

The Problem:
Unless businesses pass on the credit card fee, they have to either raise prices across the board—harming customers who pay with cash or debit—or accept a lower profit margin on credit card sales.

The Solution:
Offer customers the option to pay the fee if they choose a credit card for convenience or rewards, or to use a low-cost debit card with no additional fee.

Learn more about turnkey solutions that ensure businesses receive 100 percent of every credit card sale with zero-cost. CardX automatically passes the fee on to the consumer, unless the consumer chooses to use a cash or debit card option.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How laws have changed to support this payment model
  • How Zero-Cost Credit works and where it is available
  • How to maintain compliance while passing processing fees along to the consumer

Meet the Speaker

Brian Price, Executive Vice President, CardX
CardX puts the cost of processing credit cards back into your bottom line. Their patent pending solution is fully compliant with not only the MasterCard and Visa rules, but the individual state laws as well.

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