NTC Texas Announces New Converge Omni-Commerce Billing and Invoicing Platform

(Las Colinas, TX, USA) – October 2018 – NTC Texas, a leading payment processing company, is excited to announce the release of a new cloud based omni-commerce payment solution, Converge Billing an Invoicing. Regardless of how many stores, e-commerce sites, or payment processing terminals a business has, Converge manages all of that transaction activity with one seamless solution.

With Converge Billing and Invoicing, businesses can instantly send price quotes or invoices directly to customers, via email. Then those customers can accept or reject the quotes or pay their invoices on the securely-hosted Converge payment page. That saves time and eliminates errors, costs, and delays on both sides of the transaction. Customers will recognize the quotes and invoices because they can be customized with one’s own logo and other personalized elements. That kind of brand transparency and continuity reassures customers while it reinforces the unique professional image of each business. There are no limits on how many quotes or invoices a business may send, and they can send them to as many different customers as they like.

Converge also accepts a variety of convenient payment methods, including mobile POS capability, in-app payments, and payments made in foreign currencies. Three levels of encryption, plus tokenization, are available to safeguard online transactions, with average transaction times under two minutes. As soon as a customer makes a payment they can see their balance zeroed-out, and they are also sent immediate email confirmation.


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Converge provides next-day funding, and 24-hour customer support, based in the United States, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Converge helps eliminate compliance worries and headaches, too. Level II and Level III processing is available, as well as reduced PCI burdens with no vulnerability scans and reduced SAQ. Merchants can gain further confidence with Card Data Breach Reimbursement Assistance of up to $250,000. That feature is included when Converge is combined with the Safe-T for SMB solution.

Growth is exciting, especially in today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace. But when growth becomes unmanageable it can also be a leading cause of business failure. Managing multiple locations and transactions can be an overwhelming task that unexpectedly strains resources for businesses. That’s true regardless of their size, experience, or how long they’ve been established. Companies frequently and unexpectedly outgrow their own capability to efficiently manage payment processing, billing, and invoicing. As businesses scale-up and revenues increase, the chance for a disastrous security breach or cyber theft also escalates. But Converge helps to eliminate those problems before they occur.

The payment processing challenges merchants confront will become increasingly complicated and urgent over the next several years. But Converge is a complete future-forward solution that is already available today, and it’s both easy-to-implement and affordable.