NTC Texas Blog: 2018 Year in Review

After wrapping up another exciting year for businesses in Texas we thought we would recap some of our most useful content from 2018! Click the headlines to read full articles.

Merchants Score a Credit Card Surcharge Victory

Merchants in Texas recently won a protracted legal battle that ensures they can now recover credit card processing fees. The ruling, similar to ones already legislated in California and Florida, declares “no surcharge” laws unconstitutional…

Seven Benefits of Cloud Based Accounting

Many business owners and managers still think of cloud technology as primarily a resource for backing up important computer files and sensitive data. But it’s also a powerful accounting tool..

Best Practices for B2B Customer Service

Whether you are operating a B2B or B2C business – the customer is still always right. B2B businesses face a difficult challenge when it comes to customer service, this is because they are often…

Five Factors Directly Affecting Credit Card Processing Rates

The world of credit card processing can be a challenging one to navigate for business owners who are unfamiliar with the basic concepts of payment processing rates and services. Most business owners…

Will Beam and Blockchain Change How People Pay

A global tech startup called Beam Wallet intends to leverage the power of blockchain technology to enable faster, more affordable payment processing via smartphones. Along the way…