Online Ordering is Changing How Restaurants Do Business

With the conveniences of new technology we are all guilty of sometimes doing the least to interact with another person if we can help it – sending a text message instead of calling, or ordering a new shirt online instead of visiting a store. As online ordering sweeps the food service industry as well, restaurants are feeling the pressure to catch up.

Experts report that at least 30% of consumers have ordered takeout or delivery from a website or app in the last month using a smartphone or tablet. This staggering number is only expected to keep rising and for any restaurant hoping to survive the times this means one thing – you need to allow your customers to order online.

Great news is there are about a zillion ways to provide this service, but some are more practical than others. The most hands off approach, initiated with minimal effort is to contract with third party websites to handle all of your online ordering. Although convenient, this is absolutely the most expensive option.

For restaurant owners seeking a more practical approach, using a POS system, like talech, which allows online ordering to be integrated to the existing system is not only more economical, but it has a long list of other benefits to boost the bottom line:

Advantages of Using talech Integrated POS System with Online Ordering

A Branded Website

In contrast to third party sites, using talech allows you to have your own, uniquely branded website for online ordering, enhancing the customer’s brand experience.


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Integrated Payment Options

Because the online ordering platform is managed by the talech system, businesses will see all of their online order information and sales right alongside the rest of their sales making for seamless reporting and reconciling.

Accurate Order Management

Removing the middleman often reduces the chance of human error. When the customer is customizing their order online they can communicate directly what they need.

Automatic Notifications

Restaurants are notified in app, by text message and email when an order is placed ensuring it doesn’t get overlooked. The app also updates customers when the order is accepted, ready or potentially delayed. In-app, email and SMS notifications to you so you know when a new order is placed

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