Seven Great Resources for Startup Businesses

Creating a successful startup can be a dream come true for many. Yet channeling your energy through the initial phases is no easy task. The Internet is full of tips and resources aiming to help, but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? We’ve gone ahead and condensed some resources for the major seven aspects of the startup process.

Legal Advice

When creating your start-up, it’s extremely important to have a solid understanding of applicable laws. Startuplawyer.com focuses on tips for new businesses and offers legal services. LegalZoom.com offers similar business resources. It also serves as an especially affordable means to incorporate- only $99 plus state filing fees.

Finding a Domain Name

Building a website can be a crucial step for your startup’s brand and having no domain is akin to not having a business. Start with leandomainsearch to find an available domain name for your business. Afterwards, move onto Network Solutions to register your new domain.

Read Up

Nick Taranto, co-founder of plated.com, recommends diving into the right books before taking major next steps. Taranto started with Lean Startup and Four Steps to Epiphany. Lean Startup by Eric Reis focuses on how to test the foundational idea of your new business. “Any start-up,” claims Reis, “is an organization dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” Lean Startup provides steps to take to begin to clarify that uncertainty. Four Steps to Epiphany offers more bread and butter advice from current Stanford University professor and Silicon Valley startup creator Steve Blank.

And Continue to Read Up

In addition to books, there are plenty of updated online sites and blogs offering tips for new businesses. VentureHacks.com is one of the most reliable sources of startup resources on the net and is linked to AngelList, an investor resource listed below. Inc. offers similar content for small businesses while adding a big businesses ethos.


Connecting with investors is a critical business resource for startups. Websites such as AngelList and f6s are designed as a social network for startups and angels alike. Also check out TheFunded to see how investors have rated other startups and to learn their mindset.


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Freelancers can provide a much needed service for new companies and nowadays, many freelancers can be found affordably online. Fiverr provides services of all sorts beginning at $5.

Payment Processing

If you want to begin receiving payments on your website, or turn your phone into a point of sale system, you will need to find a payment processing company. Find these and other merchant service options at NTC Texas.

There are hundreds of tips for new businesses out there, which may be overwhelming at first. Add these resources to your list as you get a grasp on what’s available.