SMBs are Getting Connected With Poynt Smart Terminal

As payment technology advances a gap often remains between consumer expectations and how businesses can meet them. As terminals and tablet POS systems continue to offer advanced features and integrated apps for inventory management, timekeeping, social sharing and more – businesses have no more excuses to stay stuck in the stone ages.

The biggest benefit for small businesses leaving their outdated payment technology behind and acquiring smart terminals is a newfound access to centralized data. Most businesses use multiple types of software to manage their businesses making reporting and planning tedious and time consuming. With smart terminals, businesses can now work towards streamlining all their data and day to day management in one place, for a clearer view of the state of their business.

Enter Poynt, Smart Terminal.

What is Poynt?

Poynt lets you accept payment anywhere, with world-class security and the most convenience you could ever expect from a payment solution. The Poynt smart terminal’s platform is fully customizable, and integrates with the apps and tools you need to run day to day business.

Poynt Specs

An impressive piece of equipment, the Poynt Smart Terminal features a 7 inch touchscreen display, microphone, hybrid EMV/Magstripe reader slot, built in receipt printer, merchant facing camera, USB ports and a strong 8 hour battery life. Designed for mobility, Poynt also operates well as a stationary terminal with integrations available for an assortment of USB printers, wireless printers, cash drawers and wireless scanners.

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More Than Just Payments

The golden value of the Poynt Smart Terminal comes with its built in apps marketplace. Poynt makes running your business a breeze with apps that help you do everything from managing time sheets, to developing gift card programs, to managing  inventory. When it comes to reporting, Poynt HQ lets business owners manage business from wherever they are. Admins can see reports, get real-time data, or even setup a new user all remotely or from the terminal itself.

In the era of smart consumers, merchants have no choice but to step up their game in providing a top of the line experience.  As merchants begin to use technology, like Poynt, to enhance the experience for their customers they will notice a difference in customer attitude. Payments today are so much more than payments, a payment device that doesn’t have the ability to capture customer data, manage loyalty or gift card programs or provide enhanced reporting is not only a sub-par experience for the merchant, but also the customer.

Don’t sell yourself or your customers short. Contact NTC Texas today for a demo of Poynt Smart Terminal.