Billing and Invoicing

Send Invoices Directly to Your Customers

With our billing and invoicing solution, you can send quotes or invoices directly to clients via email. From there, customers can reject or accept the invoice and pay you directly online. This saves you time and provides your customers with a secure way to pay you quickly and easily.

Quote projects, invoice for services, and track payments with one solution.

Easily Collect and Track Payments

Quickly see who has paid and who is still outstanding within one intuitive online system. Monitor whether clients have accepted or rejected project quotes and get real time payment confirmation. View a comprehensive picture of all business transactions – no matter how many terminals or locations you have or how many different ways your customers choose to pay. Detailed reporting with up to 12 months of data storage.

Create Customized Professional Invoices

Showcase your brand while simplifying payments. The Invoice and Quotes screen within our billing and invoicing platform empowers businesses to make some customizations on the payment page such as adding a logo, modifying your company’s information and even adjusting the email content that gets sent out.

Let Customers Pay How They Want

Today’s marketplace has created the type of consumer that craves convenience. Regardless of your business or industry, it’s important to let customers pay how they want to pay. Accept a full range of payment types and card brands, allowing customers to pay online, by phone or email. Our billing and invoicing platform is capable of accepting any payment, any time, any place.

Get Paid Securely

When customers click to pay, they’ll be linked to the payment form safely and securely when entering payment details. Available enhanced security features, include EMV, encryption and tokenization. Protect financial data and ensure compliance with the best industry security standards and regulations.

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