Customer Loyalty Programs

Keep Customers Coming Back With Fanfare

Fanfare is an easy-to-use marketing and customer loyalty program that integrates loyalty rewards, gift cards, and real-time offer and promotional / prepaid-cards. Fanfare enables you to attract new buyers and encourage them to become high-frequency shoppers. With demonstrable bottom-line impact, real-time rewards, at-a-glance consumer analytics and an effortless customer experience for your shoppers, Fanfare is the next generation in consumer engagement, loyalty and retention programs.

"Customer service is never an issue with NTC Texas. We would highly recommend them."

Gabrielle Holland, Baylor Scott and White Surgical

How Will Fanfare Help Your Business?

  • Acquire new shoppers and turn them into loyal members, and frequent visitors
  • The program can be used to help you re-engage with past shoppers who haven’t purchased
  • Fanfare is fully customizable to drive the business you want
  • Merchants can create special offers and promotions quickly and easily

How Will Fanfare Attract New Customers?

  • Multiple options for promotional offers and loyalty programs
  • Promotional card programs are innovative, targeted, and a cost-effective way to extend marketing efforts
  • Promotional card campaigns allow businesses to load small dollar amounts onto a card, and then distribute in the community
  • Monetary value loaded on the cards isn’t realized until card is used, which provides a targeted marketing campaign for little investment
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