Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Manage Your Revenue Cycle With NTC Healthcare

NTC Healthcare empowers medical practices, hospitals and surgical centers to more effectively manage their revenue cycles and collect more from patients, faster. We offer purpose-built solutions that reduce receivables across all stages of the revenue cycle and allow physicians to focus on what matters most: providing quality patient care.

73% of providers report it takes one month or longer to collect from patients.

InstaMed® Trends in Healthcare Annual Report


Our cloud-based eligibility software lets office staff verify eligibility in real-time as a patient arrives at the office, or in batches so that eligibility can be determined prior to patient visits, saving time and money while identifying co-pays and deductibles.

Patient Billing

Accept any type of payment, set up payment plans, estimate patient financial responsibility and file claims—everything works together to optimize your collection process.

Reporting Solutions

Customizable reporting solutions make reconciliation and end-of-day reporting easy. With color-coded transactions, reports across several healthcare locations and in-depth analysis of any information you might need, we simplify the reconciliation process for healthcare organizations and reduce the effort typically associated with financial reporting.


We take patient data security incredibly seriously at NTC Healthcare, which is why we offer data encryption and tokenization to protect card data, plus fully HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions so that you can trust patient information is safe with us.