The Business of Managing a Startup

Part of our All Star Business Series

Small business owners often have very different approaches to running their businesses. Some think doing it all themselves is the most efficient and cost effective method while some like to focus on delegation.

Allison Weiner, CEO and Founder of the Dallas-based marketing agency Brand New Marketing, believes in the latter. Along with her belief in delegation as a management practice, she’s also a strong believer in using a business coach as a resource for a startup business.

“When we sat down for our first meeting I knew that I needed him on my team to help me grow this business to where I wanted it to go,” Weiner said.

As CEO, she is in charge of pulling the pieces together to create a company in line with her vision of an efficient marketing arm for small businesses. With so many things to pull together as a startup it can be helpful to have a seasoned business expert as a sounding board who can offer great advice.

She also delegates within her firm to play into everyone’s strengths instead of spreading everyone thin across many areas.

One of the first things she did when starting her company was enlist a marketing strategist to help compliment her strengths. She found him by placing an advertisement on Indeed.com, the aggregated job source website, and interviewing multiple candidates.

“Todd is extremely good at strategy,” Weiner said. “He’s excellent at finding the opportunities that are going to give our clients the most lift for the least amount of money, whereas my strengths are more with people.”

While resources are always slimmer at a startup than a corporation that can budget for one job per person, business owners of any size company can still incorporate similar management strategies to increase accountability, productivity, and expertise.

About the Author

Jackie Clews is a Co-Founder of Digital Marketing Direction, LLC and has spent nearly three years leading digital marketing strategies for various nonprofits and businesses. She believes effective data and content strategies with the right technology in place are the perfect recipe for maximizing online conversions and ROI.