The Value of a Business Coach to Business Owners

Business coaches can do much more than motivate their clients, contrary to what some may think.

They bring best practice business tools and help business owners and executives set specific goals and specific plans to get there, whether those goals relate to increasing revenues, changing the business’s structure, sales, marketing or developing an exit strategy.

One of the main values a business coach can offer is accountability.

“A business coach works very intimately with a business owner in helping them see things they otherwise might not see and there is an accountability component to it,” Certified Business Advisor and Coach Joseph Heilner said. “A business coach will hold a business owner accountable to drive the results that they together agree are what are desired for that business.”

Business owners working with a coach can improve prioritization, efficiencies, and work life balance. For example, if someone sets out to run a painting business without establishing goals or priorities, they will probably be less successful than the business owner who sets monthly and annual net profit goals, as well as implements the plan to get there.

However, a business coach isn’t just for small business owners or new companies.

Heilner points out that even the most accomplished professionals and business owners have businesses coaches to help them set concrete goals and help them reach those goals, including Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.

So how does one pick the best business coach to fit their needs?

Because a business coach typically communicates with their clients frequently and advises them on critical business issues, the coach should be someone the owner trusts, has easy communication with, and is qualified in relation to their business. Heilner is a part of the international FocalPoint business network, requiring over 150 hours of education per year to retain his certification, which adds legitimacy and trust to his consulting practice. He also has over 20 years of experience as a corporate marketing executive, so while his education and background could make him a great fit to many different types of businesses, he would especially excel coaching a marketing executive due to his background.

About the Author

Jackie Clews is a Co-Founder of Digital Marketing Direction, LLC and has spent nearly three years leading digital marketing strategies for various nonprofits and businesses. She believes effective data and content strategies with the right technology in place are the perfect recipe for maximizing online conversions and ROI.