Three Systems Retail Businesses Should Start Automating Today

Almost every man, woman, or even child, selling lemonade on the corner, has, at some point, fantasized about opening his or her own business. The idea of individual ownership is pretty much step #2 of the American Dream–right after surviving high school. Most of us barely manage step #1, but those who do make the leap into the exciting world of entrepreneurship quickly learn that owning a successful business takes long hours, great sacrifice, and unwavering determination. So why not do it as efficiently and profitable as possible?

It’s getting easier with the modern linchpin for success: automated programs. With all the different forms of technology available on the market, automated programs and savvy technology provide the most direct route to streamlining any business, allowing business owners to actually enjoy the fruits of their “independence” instead of groaning under the weight of it.

Newly packaged with trendy, affordable iPad point of sale systems, automatic inventory management, sales reporting, or marketing programs require little to no direct involvement from a real, live person and can save owners hours of hard work, and significant amounts of money. Automated programs keep track of everything from inventory, to customer behavior, to sales data, log it, and then allow you to pull reports to view detailed information and capture valuable insight into your business.

Automating these three processes will greatly increase the profitability of your business:


Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows inventory can be a true nightmare. Late nights in the store checking every item; the fear of being off on purchasing orders; the challenge of always knowing what’s in stock and what’s not…Loss, theft…the list goes on. An automated inventory management system can help lighten this burden by keeping track of which items are sold in real-time and which items are still available, providing detailed inventory management information at the click of a button.


The days of traditional disruptive marketing are long gone—thank the stars. The basics of marketing still apply—be seen, be heard, and be recommended, but with all the noise today, customers will shut you out if not done well. All of these objectives, though, can be easily achieved through the use of digital, email and social media marketing- and can all be automated easily and affordably.


Another great benefit of automation through an iPad point of sale system is the ability to capture, great, detailed insight into sales trends, types of sales, customer loyalty stats, peak business times and more giving business owners all the information they need to make key decisions. Gone are the days of painstakingly wading through pages and pages of excel spreadsheets trying to find those elusive patterns. With insight reporting on automated POS systems, managers simply select the criteria you wish to view and it’s all laid out in neat charts and graphs—simple, efficient, direct.

So many businesses, in fear of change, integration or cost implications, resist efforts to add new technology to automate certain aspects of their businesses. They are stuck with stone-age methods, such as writing down each sold item to track for inventory or keeping written accounting records and receipts. They rely on radio or print advertising materials by snail mail or door-to-door drop off…

But every strong, successful business owner eventually learns that change is good. Change leads to adaptation, which leads to innovation and efficiency. Automated systems may seem scary at first, but they are really just the first step to getting your business on track and evolving your American Dream into an enjoyable reality.