Tips to Digitize Your Business in 2021

The digital revolution offers many benefits to businesses, regardless of their size, particular industry, or market. Despite that fact, a large number of businesses still don’t even have a website or social media brand presence. The tips outlined below can help businesses jumpstart the process of going digital, in a way that will ensure sustainable, scalable, adaptable growth and profitability.

Reduce Buyer Friction

The vast majority of consumers today do online product research and shop at e-commerce sites. Due to COVID-19, they much prefer no-contact digital transactions. Consumers also want to buy on the go, and enabling them to do so via mobile devices is essential in today’s business world. Leverage technologies that facilitate mobile commerce and have user-friendly features like integrated shopping carts, pay-now buttons, subscription plans with recurring billing, and customer account management portals. That will reduce buyer hesitation and make the overall customer experience more seamless, hassle-free, and intuitive. With the right digital solutions, it is possible to automatically generate leads, track sales metrics, produce customized reports, and handle invoices, shipping, collections, and deposits.

Streamline Operations

Artificial intelligence has evolved to the point that even customer service chatbots, which can respond in real time to frequently asked questions, are now language-fluent, reliable, and affordable. Companies like Sprout Social and Hootsuite offer social media management software, so the scheduling of posts is automated. This kind of software additionally makes it easy to run analytics to measure the level of social media response. Research shows that adding pictures or video content also boosts social media engagement. A digital cloud back-up and storage system can archive and protect important business data, including confidential client information.

Incorporate State-of-the-Art Security

Cloud-based assets are safeguarded in the event of an on-site computer hack, loss of electrical power, fire, or natural disaster. Cloud data can also be securely searched and shared by authorized persons such as managers, teams working remotely, accountants, and tax planners. A centralized digital payment system is another powerful tool. A well-designed system can process dozens of transactions simultaneously, in multiple currencies and geographical locations, and do so 24/7 with faster funding. But businesses should insist on PCI-compliant cybersecurity and only use payment vendors that offer verifiable protective tools like encryption, tokenization, and Level 3 processing.

Tip #4: Stay Ahead of the Competitive Curve

Digital innovations are being rolled-out so frequently that one of the most important tips is to digitize in a way that allows for smooth business expansion and easy adoption of any new features. Fundamental digital components such as websites, payment systems, and apps should be engineered so that they are flexible enough to add upgrades and incorporate enhanced tools without difficulty or downtime. Before hiring a web designer or other technical vendor, make sure they provide that level of expertise and flexibility. The best vendors don’t just sell products and services. They become long-term success partners with the insight and experience to help businesses develop and grow while gaining and maintaining the competitive edge.

The Bottom Line

The message to business in 2021 is loud and clear. Those that haven’t yet gone digital risk losing market share, while digitized businesses are profiting from a trend that is gaining permanent, ever-accelerating momentum with benefits for both the business and its customers.