Why All Non-Profits Should Accept Donations Online

Regardless of the cause, every non-profit has one thing in common – they need to maximize donations. Like any other business, some non-profits may be stuck in the old ways of checks, or worse, credit card numbers being mailed in on written forms. Whether they realize it or not, these outdated practices have a significant impact on the frequency of donations and sometimes the amount a donor is willing to give.

With a ton of payment technology options available today, systems like Converge – a cloud based software that is easy to set up and use – can help nonprofits start accepting donations online quickly and efficiently. Here are just a few of the compelling reasons why non-profits should be accepting donations online:

Increase Donation Amounts

With online donation opportunities, non-profits have the ability to get creative with how they ask for donations, using blogs, videos and interactive tools to appeal to their donors. These materials allow them to tell stories and inspire potential donors in ways a mailer or form letter cannot. By using these tools in conjunction with an online donation form, non-profits can increase the average amount of their donations.

Increase Frequency of Donations

This reason in itself should be enough to convince any nonprofit that online donations are the way to go. By allowing donors to set up recurring, regular payments they are maximizing that donors potential and almost guaranteeing a long term relationship with that donor. For donors that don’t have a desire to set up recurring donations, the ease and access to an online form will automatically increase the odds of them donating more frequently.

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Reduce Administrative Costs

Another incredible perk of accepting donations online, less paperwork and less hassle! There is no reason at all to be managing mailed forms, credit card numbers, compliance concerns and all the other inconveniences that come with mailed or even telephoned donations. Nonprofits who set up an online platform for donations will see a significant reduction in time and costs associated with trying to manage offline donations.

Make Donors Happy

Let’s face it, people want to pay for things online. Most people today pay all their bills online, send money to friends and family, do their shopping and even order food for delivery. Making donations to support their favorite cause is no different. The ease and convenience of being able to manage their donation with a click of a button will ultimately provide a positive experience for your donors.

Online donations help non-profits to streamline funds. Aside from the convenience and efficiency, reporting and tracking capabilities that come with programs like Converge are valuable tools for reconciliation. For more information on Converge and online donations for non-profits, Contact Us at NTC Texas today.