Why Meeting Face to Face in Business is Vital

As we raise a new generation of humans accustomed to using text messaging and emailing as their primary forms of communication, the novelty of face to face conversation has only become more significant. Particularly, when it comes to business, engaging in face to face interactions can determine the success of a business and its employees.

At its core, business is largely about building relationships, and in order to thrive, relationships need attention. Many new age entrepreneurs, accustomed to technology have missed the memo on the value that face to face interaction offers in nurturing business relationships. Here’s why:

Body language

Lost in most of today’s communication methods, body language provides a wealth of information about the context of a conversation, how people are feeling, what should happen next and specifically what people need. These are all very important variables to understand when conducting business and can easily be misinterpreted without some kind of face to face interaction.

Limited Miscommunication

Nothing is worse than a lost sale or broken relationship as a result of a poorly executed email. With face to face interaction, those nonverbal cues provide everybody with insight to help validate information that would otherwise be missing in non-personal interactions.


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Building Rapport

A bright smile, a warm laugh and sometimes even meaningless small talk can create good feelings for either party trying to build rapport and establish a strong foundation for doing business. Spending time face to face, making eye contact and giving somebody undivided attention sets a standard for accountability which otherwise won’t be established.

Wow Factor

Nothing makes an impact better than an in person presentation, carefully crafted, personalized and delivered with character and enthusiasm. Meeting with somebody face to face allows entrepreneurs to better take initiative, show off their leadership qualities and make a lasting impression on their prospect that could never be made with a phone call or email.

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